National Park Road Trip – Intent

I believe in teaching with experiences whenever the opportunity arises. Last year my son had studied Native American Indians in school and it was all he talked about for weeks. I decided over Spring Break vacation I would take him to the Southwest of the US and he would become more familiar with different aspects of the culture and history.

It ended up being THE best trip I have ever taken. Maybe it was the 3300 miles of freedom, maybe it was watching the world through my sons eyes, or maybe it was the bonding experience. Regardless, it was what made me realize my son is ready for road trips and makes a great travel companion.

I bought him a National Park Passportlarge-2-9000c and decided that by the time he graduates high school we will make it our goal to hit all 59 national parks the U.S.

When planning anything I try to choose an intent. My intent for this trip was to hit the open road with my son on an epic journey through the Southwest. I wanted to see how he did on the road. I also had a few other goals in mind. I wanted him to learn to read a map. I have met too many 20-somethings that would be completely lost without the GPS on their phones. I think map reading is an essential part of travel.

I also wanted it to be an educational trip. I wanted him to understand how beautiful nature is. I also wanted him to get hands on experiences with learning about Native American Indians.

I started with an atlas and chose a direction. I don’t really believe in schedules, so I knew that in 12 days we would drive across the the US taking in the sites, and our ultimate destination would be the Grand Canyon.  I had been saving up for a road trip, so I decided our budget would be $100/ day.

The intent was set. Now comes the preparation.


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