Preface to an International trip

For the sanity of my kiddo and myself, I decided to break up the flight time for his first international trip. Our flight to Ecuador was scheduled to leave from the Miami airport on Saturday afternoon.  I booked our flight on Friday to Ft. Lauderdale from Kansas City because it was cheaper than flying into Miami. Due to a lot of saved up hotel points, I also booked our first night in Fort Lauderdale.

We took an Uber from the airport to our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. Uber has started carrying a U-shaped light in their car windows, and you can choose the color you want it to display so it’s easier to spot. (I actually really like this idea and I hope it catches on in other cities).

I noticed immediately that my driver had a very heavy French accent. He told me that he was from Haiti. My little man launched into conversation with him in French. They spent the next 15 minutes having a conversation, while I sat quietly, secretly wondering if they were talking about me. (On a side note, my son goes to a French language immersion school, so he is fluent).

What I didn’t count on for our night in Florida, is that every drunk college student in the US must’ve chosen our hotel to spend Spring Break because it is across the street from the beach. Fortunately, even though the sun was down the college students were on a mission at the bars intoxicating themselves, so we had the beach all to ourselves. I have a mad love affair with the ocean, but don’t get to see it often because I live in Kansas.
The last time I brought my son to the Atlantic Ocean to play, he broke his arm the day before so he never got to get in the water . We walked along the beach in the moonlight, and the temptation finally over took my son and he ended up soaked head to toe.

We called it an early night, however, I didn’t get much sleep due to all of the partying in the hallways and rooms around us. Fortunately, my little sidekick can sleep through anything. We got up early in order to enjoy the the water before our flight. We stopped by a nearby store and grabbed donuts and coffee to enjoy on the beach. We spent the next few hours jumping in the waves and playing in the sand. We returned to our hotel room just before check out so that we could clean up and head to the airport in Miami to catch our flight to Ecuador.


I had intended on taking the Tri-Rail to Miami because it seemed like the most affordable way to transport between cities at $5.00 per person. I ordered an Uber to go from our hotel to the Tri-rail. The Uber was going to cost about $15 just to get to the Tri-Rail. On a whim, I asked the Uber driver how much it would cost for him to just drive us to Miami. It was $36. The convenience of not having to jump on and off with baggage and wait on schedules (not to mention an Uber is quicker) it seemed worth the extra six dollars.


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